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Customer Testimonials

Malcolm Hopkins - UK

"Dear Tee Support Team,

Thank you for all your help in fixing my infected PC, which had a really nasty computer virus, and although it was no easy task in removing it, your team showed patience, understanding, determination and an overall standard of professionalism that you don't come across very often.

Especially thanks to Jolin, Mike, Lina, Sally, Bobbi, Nick, Ella, Sindy and anyone I may have forgotten.

As Group Marketing Manager of six Volvo car dealerships in the UK, I know how important it is to offer the highest standards of customer service, and your team surpassed all of my expectations. I will recommend you to all the Volvo dealer network of over 100 dealers here in the UK, as well as to friends and family without any hesitation.

Please use this as a testimonial on your web site.

Malcolm Hopkins
Group Marketing Manager - Volvo Squire Furneaux Group"

Kerianne Kuenz - NY, US

"I'm writing to praise the Tee Support technician who helped me tonight, Jessie. I just got finished with a very long support session with him, and he was just fantastic! You see, my laptop became infected with Defense Center virus, and I thought all was lost. It completely took over my computer to the point that I could not even open programs or connect on the web. It corrupted my registry--it was really bad. I found out about Tee Support while searching for help on another computer, and Jessie was the tech who just happened to answer my very first plea for help. And my report is - Jessie was GREAT!!

I can't thank him enough! Thank you, Jessie, soooo much! He stuck through it with me for several hours getting this computer fixed - he did it! It thought I was going to lose everything on my computer, and have to buy another one, but he literally saved my computer. He really did - he saved it from Defense Center. I would have been in a disasterous mess if not for Jessie's help. He is an excellent problem solver, and a great communicator. He was a pleasure to deal with, and he saved my computer! He is great!

I'm totally sold on Tee Support. I will tell all my friends about your service. I'm simply stunned at how awesome Jessie's diligent work was, and I will come back to Tee Support anytime I have a problem! I'm so glad I found your service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Noel Herriman - Melbourne, Australia

"Yesterday I joined your organization as I had a major virus on my laptop. I was reticent to do so as I really didn't know anything about Tee Support but I decided to take a gamble. Well I have to say I was extremely impressed. The guy who worked for me was called JOLIN and he was excellent. I am computer illiterate and told him this at the beginning. He was so patient, his directions precise and easy to understand and he couldn't have been more helpful. I have joined up with you for one year and will tell all my friends and family how good Tee Support is. The purpose of this email is to tell management just how good Jolin was, so please make sure he knows how grateful I am."

Jennifer Dorsey - WA, US

"Well, so, let me start off by saying I've tried almost every solution I could find on the internet to remove this virus, and none of them have worked. But so luckily I found Tee Support, and their smart agents have help me remove the ever nasty Antivir Solution Pro. So far everything seems to be back to normal. THANK YOU!!!! You are AWESOME!"

Ciaran Mc Hugh - UK

"Hi just a note to say thank you for the excellent job which was provided in cleaning my registry of a virus. Jessie the support agent was excellent, provided very clear and helpful instructions and stayed with me until the process had full completed and they were satisfied the job was done correctly. I would recommend the Tee Support service to anyone. The no fix no fee is also an excellent incentive to use Tee Support but to be fair the money was well earned. You're the best."

Jeff - Houston, US

"I have tried many methods found on the Google search to remove AV Security suite but the annoying virus just came back again and again when I went back to the normal mode, ...I was so sad and preparing to buy a new PC but thanks to your Tee Support guys' remote help, I got rid of the virus completely at last!!!"

Caroline - NJ, US

"OMG! Thank you sooooo much. My PC runs very very slow, it is driving me crazy and I'm about to throw my notebook into the toilet. Thank you Tee Support agents have made my PC happy again."

Steve - IL, US

"I just wanted to write to thank you for your help in solving the System Fix virus for me. I was at a loose end and you saved my PC. I have cancelled PC tools saving myself a needless payment.
If you want to use this for advertising (particularly given the amount of people that will have the System Fix problem), please feel free. Have a fantastic Christmas!!"

Nick Goodrige - Miami, US

"It is really amazing to watch Tee Support agent deleting virus via remote support. You guys are the best I ever see."

Robert Younger - Manchester, UK

"Thanks a lot!!! You rescued my computer and I'm very grateful for it! You're a star!"

Jeffery Uhrick - QLD, Australia

"Whoever your supervisor is...YOU deserve TEER of the month.You have impressed me with your EXTREME knowledge of computers. I am VERY happy with your service...when I have any problems i will wait for you to come on to resolve them. And you convinced me to keep my service with Tee Support."

Phillip Duffy - NJ, US

"This wretched Trojan infected my PC and disabled all files that could help my system remove it. Thanks to Tee Support help me out."

Jordan Richardson - Toronto, Ca, US

"I feel lucky to give it a shot on Tee Support service, thanks so much for all your help. I haven't noticed any more pop-ups and everything seems to be working fine now."

Sam - Michigan, US

"Your service is extremely awesome!! I'll surely come back if I encounter any more problems."

Rebecca Miles - Liverpool, UK

"I have struggled with the annoying virus for 3 days without positive result, the virus just came back again and again...thanks for your remote assistance, I get rid of the evil thing finally."

Emerald - NY,US

"I am a single mother, my son has been complaining about his computer pop out alerts. I don't know what to do. Thanks Tee Support agent remotely fixing the problem. You service is very impressive. Thank you very much."

Melissa Schuman - California, US

"I found your price is very pleased. I will tell my schoolmates about you."

Andrew Jackson - North Bergen, NJ, US

"Thanks for that great support. I have an upgrade to Win 7 on order. May I congratulate the Tee Support agent Gina. I had a stubborn piece of software called Roxio VHS to DVD which I replaced with something better and wanted to remove Roxio. The Add/Remove programs of course failed, as did 3 more so-called 'Uninstallers' products, and it was only by chance I came across the TeeSupport website. After downloading and talking with the specified agent Gina, she helped to find and remove all traces of the Roxio Product which other uninstallers could not even find. I had even tried Safe Mode and had partially removed some components myself, but only Tee Support agent found all the remaining parts and successfully removed them. Prior to that I had a wait of 10 minutes while Windows Installer tried to run every time I booted the machine. I think you should step up your advertising, you have a really good piece of service there."

Courtney - Greenwood, SC, US

"Just wanted to say Thank You!! I literally just bought your service, and already your agent has removed McAfee and all of its software from my computer, something I have been trying to do for weeks!!! Thank you so much again, I would recommend purchasing Tee Support to anyone!"

Brian Smith - PA, US

"Thank you. All is well and agent Kevin was amazing. Money well spent. Reboot was fine. I thought Kevin was finished after the Malware program ended because I had control of the cursor. I would recommend your service highly. Thanks again."

Josephine Kelly - Liverpool, UK

"Your agent uninstalled and reinstalled the printer driver and added it afresh to the Inksaver program. I am pleased to say that all is now well - credit to your Tee Support agents and also to your very prompt help service. Many thanks."

Larry - Mora, MN, US

"Thank you for your help. Everything is fine now and with your professional help, I can myself manage to uninstall the messenger and finally got my messenger back. Thanks again."

David Plant - Birmingham, UK

"Thank you very much for your very fast and efficient help with the information I requested. I am very impressed as a happy customer. "

Paul Jay - Cresco, IA, US

"Many thanks! Your service worked wonderfully and resolved all my annoying roxio problems. I will recommend Tee Support as good value and top service to all my contacts."

Shirley Whitted - San Diego, CA, US

"Thanks for your quick and useful support guys. Much appreciated. Your product is great and will definitely upgrade to the Pro plan if it's needed."